Friday, June 21, 2013

WIP - Tea Makers Daughter

Page 3 Complete.


  1. Hi Love your stitching. Hope you don't mind me putting your blog on my blog list. If you do please let me know at my blog

    1. Thank you :-) I don't mind at all, i'll add you to mine also.

  2. Hi, my name is Cinzia, I'm a stitcher and am stitching this one too!! i say too because, like most stitchers, I have many (and I underline MANY) started projects, and in an extreme act of self confidence that I do not feel in any other field, the majority of my WIP are BIG! This one, another HAED called "Cherished Moments" and a few more that will require a loooooooooot of free time that I clearly do not have, but hey, it's the effort that counts, right? I too had started this one from the top, but right after the end of the third page I realized that, for the first time in my stitching career, I had miscalculated the distance thus having to start it all over. At this point though, to have the feeling I was starting something new, I started it from the bottom and on a new piece of cloth, so I am now almost finished with the bottom part, a thin line but, at least I can say it's done!
    Bye, and great blog!!!