Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's all black and white

Wow so long since I posted, a condensed version of what's been happening 
....I lost my beloved Aunt...
I went back to full time work after 15 years off ...
my daughter started uni...
my son got his first job...
my husband had a few months off work from an injury...
and we are doing home renovations...and

I joined a SAL at lovethythread.com where we are emailed 1 page per month.

Stained Glass

and also Behold my Love because I love skulls at the moment.
Hopefully this will make my bug come running back.

Cheers! Happy Stitching.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I'm glad you're back, I found you while searching for other stitchers that were stitching "The teamakers daughter".
    Will you post your progress on that one too? I started from the top too, only to notice that for the first time in my stitching carreer I had taken the measurement wrong and hat to restart all over again, this time I started from the bottom up.
    Hope to see your progress soon!