Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year... Happy New Starts

A little stash...

A little Lizzie Kate start on News Years Eve.

A little progress on Mardi Gras Octopus..pic is sideways ^_^

Mirabilia stitch along.

and Save the Stitches stitch along...phew i'm off to bed :-D

Happy New Year everyone...x


  1. Lovely stitching! Enjoy your goodies :D

  2. So happy to see another Mardi Gras Octopus wip!! I started mine a year ago and am on page 12. So determined to finish it this year! Can't wait to see more of yours!

    1. Thank you Nordly..It was actually your utube video that inspired me to do Mardi Gras Octopus :D I am loving seeing yours coming along i'm only on page 4 as i'm working on birthday gifts for everyone but the octopus is for's a really nice kit, looking forward to seeing your updates :-)