Friday, April 20, 2018

Frosted Pumpkin Friday


Into the jungle SAL by Frosted Pumpkin, am enjoying this and actually keeping up!

I'm going to start giving a shoutout to some great stitchey supplies online businesses,
 I don't have a LNS so do all my shopping online. The first one is a facebook business based in Australia ran by some lovely ladies Janet and Karen - JK's Cross Stitching Supplies. They stock alot and what they don't have they will find for you. 
Items- Ort box, Ink Circles chart, DMC's, grime guards
Freebie Needle Minder.

Evertote on Etsy based in Canada ran by Caroline and Kathy, Their project bags are so beautiful and well made and the service is excellent...I may have ordered another! 

And finally another Australian facebook based store Sunday Fabrics, she only posts fabrics that are ready to go which I love as i'm too impatient waiting for dyeing times lol Very fast postage for an Australian store also.

Happy Stitching x

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